E-Ventos Platform

This was my most ambitious project. The platform allows users to visit virtual exhibitions from anywhere in the world. You can browse the different halls and their stands, attend conferences and concerts. It also contains a chat and a connection to a networking site.

The images are from Spannabis Virtual Edition, the first event held on this platform, with +4000 guests.


The platform is a job board for the agricultural sector. Its a site with two types of users, different types of paid subscriptions, and an administrator panel. To develop it I learned how to use PHP, a back-end technology, to connect the front-end of the site with a MySQL database. HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL were used in its development.


On this platform, registered users can post promotions for their digital courses and some specific users can post videos too. It includes an administrator panel that allows the verification of users among other functionalities. For development, I used HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL. The site is not in use yet.

Other Projects